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You’re Engaged!! How To Get Started Planning

Happy Engagement Season! From now until just after Valentine’s Day the number of engaged couples will jump dramatically. It’s such an exciting time for all the new fiances out there! As wedding professionals, we share your excitement and seeing as most people only plan one wedding, we’re guessing your new status comes with a whole […]

Wedding Season 2017: So Much to be Thankful For!

So it’s been a minute (or three) since we’ve dug into all things social at The Veranda and with a new year approaching we plan to focus on getting out all the loveliness we’ve witnessed lately. To kick it off, in the spirit of being grateful, we’d like to share a few snapshots of what […]

What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues : Part III

Welcome to the third and final part of our blog series: What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues! I hope through reading our Part I and Part II that you’ve learned some of the best questions to ask when checking out potential reception sites! Part III will be just as helpful, as we talk about wedding vendors, […]

What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues : Part II

Last week we posted Part I of What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues to give you a couple of our best tips when checking out potential wedding reception sites. Last week, the focus was centered around determining whether a venue considers themselves all-inclusive or an ala carte venue and which is the best fit […]

What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues : Part I

Touring wedding venues is not something that comes naturally to most couples. Chances are, this is not a process you have been through multiple times in the past. And unless you plan on being engaged for quite some time, it probably won’t be a process you’ll repeat over and over again. So why spend time and […]