Welcome to the third and final part of our blog series: What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues! I hope through reading our Part I and Part II that you’ve learned some of the best questions to ask when checking out potential reception sites! Part III will be just as helpful, as we talk about wedding vendors, both exclusive and recommended. Without further ado, let us present:


 Vendors: Exclusive vs. Recommended 

Always ask your prospective venue about possible vendors. Are there any that we must use when booking? Can you give me some ideas for a florist, hotel, DJ, etc.? Again, the answer to this question is going to be drastically different from venue to venue. But in asking, you are given way more information than just the basic answer.

To begin, the exclusivity of certain vendors is a “must-know”. We, at The Veranda, have an exclusive catering company and bar tending company (both are absolutely fabulous, by the way!) and that will make a big difference in deciding whether our venue is right for you. So be sure to ask questions about the exclusive vendors if there are any. It’s also important to know if those exclusive vendors have their own contracts, policies, booking processes, invoicing, etc. And generally speaking, it’s a good idea to know why these vendors are exclusive. Convenience, reputation, partnerships, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions – as a potential client you deserve to know how exclusive vendors are managed within a given venue!


{ CK Catering | Exclusive Veranda Vendor | Courtesy of A Picture’s Worth }

Secondly, its a good idea to ask for vendor recommendations. Many venues will have a list of recommended vendors they can give you, but I suggest asking for a bit more. Ask your tour guide who their personal favorite is or ask why a particular vendor made the recommendation list. Not only does this give you some really great leads for other vendors, but it gives you a good idea of how connected the venue is to other wedding professionals. To me, this says a lot about a venue. How someone will respond to this question shows their tact (hopefully they don’t bad mouth another professional!) and their overall wedding industry knowledge. If they are able to give you specific reasons for certain recommendations it also shows their level of experience. And when it comes to your wedding day – you want to be working alongside a venue that knows what makes a successful wedding!


{ Hueline Pictures | Recommended Veranda Vendor }

Understanding the difference between exclusive vendors and recommended vendors will help decide if a venue is the best fit for what you’re looking for. Every venue will work a little differently so it’s important to ask these questions at each prospective venue you’re looking into.

I hope our series about touring wedding venues has helped lead you in the right direction! Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any other questions or want more helpful hints!



Happy planning everyone!