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The Wow Factor:: Fun Wedding Ideas

What makes a “fun wedding”? Is it the music? Food? Entertainment? All the above? We’ve said time and time again that every wedding is entirely different, but no matter what, everyone is looking for the thing that makes your guests go “WOW”! Here are some fun wedding ideas we have accommodated at The Veranda that made these […]

What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues : Part II

Last week we posted Part I of What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues to give you a couple of our best tips when checking out potential wedding reception sites. Last week, the focus was centered around determining whether a venue considers themselves all-inclusive or an ala carte venue and which is the best fit […]

What to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues : Part I

Touring wedding venues is not something that comes naturally to most couples. Chances are, this is not a process you have been through multiple times in the past. And unless you plan on being engaged for quite some time, it probably won’t be a process you’ll repeat over and over again. So why spend time and […]

Real Weddings: Warming Up With Fall Wedding Colors

Wrapping up our wedding season in late October, I’m always hoping for a sweet finish to an awesome season. Our October 2012 weddings were so unique and didn’t let the at times chilly fall weather stand in the way of their outdoor wedding celebration. Although hoping for a beautiful beach ceremony near the St Joseph […]

Beach Weddings in St. Joseph Michigan

It’s a question I get on pretty much a daily basis. What goes into planning beach weddings in St. Joseph, MI? With so many couples looking to take advantage of our gorgeous southwest Michigan beaches, let’s go over some of the basics. Permits & Permissions I think the most surprising thing about hosting beach weddings […]

Wedding Planner vs. No Wedding Planner

To be perfectly honest – I will display a bit of bias in this post. But as the author, I am taking some creative liberties! The bias comes from the fact that The Veranda now offers Wedding Coordination Services (which I am so completely excited about!!) and may sway slightly more toward the fact that […]