Just how other aspects of weddings are constantly changing, so are the food trends found at a reception. We took to our awesome on-site, exclusive caterer, CK Catering to lend a helping hand in what’s hot on the menu for the 2013 wedding season. Take it from them – they are the pros! When creating your dream dinner menu, it’s all about making the bride and groom’s personality shine through – it’s your wedding day! Make sure the menu is filled with things that bring you comfort, happiness, and make your mouth water! Here are the top wedding food trends we are seeing requested at The Veranda and what’s up and coming in the world of weddings!


Creative Food Stations 

Seeing food stations during a reception is one of my favorite things and just so happens to be one of the top wedding food trends of 2013. Food stations force guests out of their seat and encourages mingling. The possibilities seem practically endless when it comes to creating the menu for your food stations. We’ve seen anywhere from asian stations, mini taco stations, sliders, as well as bite-sized grilled cheese and one of my personal favorites – the mashed potato bar. What’s great about food stations in general is the creativity involved and the unique food presentations they often are shown in. For instance the mashed potato bars are usually served with martini glasses and endless amounts of fixins. Let’s call it a Mashtini, shall we?

wedding food trends

{ Mashed Potato Bar with DIY toppings }

wedding food trends

{ Mini Grilled Cheese, Parmesan Salad Cup, and Gazpacho Soup Shooter | CK Catering }

wedding food trends

{ Short Rib Mini Taco with Red Onion Marmalade | CK Catering }


Late Night Snack

Making its mark as a leading 2013 wedding food trend is the late night snack for guests to enjoy. Giving your guests midnight munchies is a perfect way to end the evening and give guests a surprise I bet they aren’t expecting. Just like food stations, there are endless possibilities when creating the ultimate late night snack. To give you some unique ideas, a few favorites CK Catering is famous for whipping up are ice cream sundae bars, wood-burning pizzas, and even fish and chips!

wedding food trends

{ Fish & Chips | CK Catering }


Fresh & Local Requests

Fresh and local requests have been a wedding food trend for a few years now and only seems to be growing in popularity. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer about what’s in season at the time of your wedding in order to get it fresh and at the highest quality. Also – if you are planning a destination wedding, whether close or far, ask about regional cuisines and what’s popular among the locals.


Dessert Bars

Although there are so many options when it comes to choosing the sweets for the night, we’ve seen a move towards dessert bars and mini desserts. This 2013 wedding food trend is another one of my favorites because it gives guests tons of options depending on their personal preferences as well as any dietary restrictions. Here are some mouthwatering bite-size options that CK offers as part of their dessert package. We were lucky enough to taste test these delicious desserts (be jealous!) and I have nothing but amazing things to say!

wedding food trends

{ Orange Pound Cake | CK Catering | Zachary Photography }

  { Cheesecake Fudge Brownie and Homemade Cannoli’s | CK Catering | Zachary Photography}

wedding food trends

Another trending 2013 wedding dessert idea is having a DIY dessert bar. Cupcakes have become an alternate idea rather than a large traditional wedding cake. Ever considered taking a spin on this cupcake trend? How about a DIY cupcake bar? It’s simple: just provide a variety of flavored cupcakes and all of the fixins for those cupcakes: frostings, sprinkles, and candies and let your guests do the choosing! You really can’t go wrong!

wedding food trends 


Hope this post made your tummy grumble like mine did! Note to self: write this blog after you’ve eaten a hearty lunch, not before! The key is, don’t be afraid to go out of the box when creating your reception menu! It’s one of the most memorable parts of any reception and you’ll want it to be just right!



Happy planning AND food tasting!